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2023 섬머 캠프 등록

2023 섬머 캠프 등록 안내(Registration Information)

-대상 (Eligible Grade): 4세~8학년2023-24 가을학기 기준

(Age 4 ~ 8th grade:2023-24 as of the fall semester)

-수업 시작일 (First day of school): 6월 19일 (June 19th)

-수업 일정 (School Period): 4주 (4weeks 6/19~ 7/14),July 4th.No School

-시간(Class time): 9:00am-3:30pm <월요일-금요일 Monday-Friday>

-장소(Place): 그레이스무궁화 한국학교 GraceMoogoonghwa Korean School

Grace Church 4000 Capitol Dr. Wheeling)

체험학습(Experience): 매주 주 1 회 (once a week)

오전AM(요리 체험Cooking experience)/오후PM(Field Trip,Field Day, Movie Day)

-등록 신청 기간 (Registration Date): 3 월 18 일 ~ 5 월 27일(18 March~ 27 May)

*학급 정원에 따라등록이 조기마감될 수있습니다. (*Registration may be closed early depending on class capacity)

-학급구성:유아반, 유치반, 한국어: 입문(저학년, 고학년), 초급, 중급, 고급반, 영어, 수학: 학년 별 구성

Class composition: Pre-K class, kindergarten class, 1st-grade class, Korean language: introductory (low grade, high grade), beginner, intermediate, advanced class/English, Mathematics: Composition by grade

-수업 시간 (Class Schedule) 9:00AM-3:30PM

9:00am-10:45am 성경(Bible), 한국어(Korean)

10:55am-11:40am 특별활동(Special activity)

저학년(1st-4rd grades)-한글 동화반, 종이접기, 전통놀이, 합창 (Korean fairy tale class, origami, traditional games, chorus)

고학년(5th-8th)-수예, 농구, 미술, M4G (Cross-stitching, Basketball, M4G)

11:40am-12:00pm 점심식사(Lunch)

12:10pm-3:30pm 수학(Math), 영어(Reading, Writing)

-문의 (Contact Information)

-등록 (Register): 구글 폼 ( Register Form),

-등록비 (registration fee)

학비-$500, 00 교재비및 현장학습비-$50.00, 점심 및 스낵-$100.00 총 $650.00 (Tuition: $500 Material and Field fee:$50 Lunch:$100 Total:$ 650)

>우편 결재 또는 방문 (The registration fee by mail or visit.)

주소(Adress): Grace Church 4000 Capital Dr. Wheeling, IL 60090

Payable to: Gracemoogoonghwa Korean School

(우편접수시 5월 27일까지 도착 요망 Please arrive by May 27th when receiving mail.)

-문의 (Contact Information):

*** 예수님을 믿지 않는학생에게 장학금을지급합니다.

담당자에게 문의하셔서 장학신청서를 작성해주시기 바랍니다.

*** Scholarships are available to students who are new to the Christian faith.

Please contact the person in charge and fill out the scholarship application form.

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